Makeover Monday Week 11 – Irish Whiskey Sales

This week’s #MakeoverMonday was themed in honour of St Patrick’s day.¬† The data provided showed the sales of Irish whiskey in countries throughout the world.

What works well

  • The countries have been sorted into groups, making it easy to see trends by regions
  • There’s not much¬†unnecessary clutter
  • Colours are distinct and stand out from one another

What could be improved

  • No sense of context of the sales.¬† I can see that sales in North America have doubled, but are there more sales in North America overall?
  • Title is somewhat irrelevant
  • A lot of empty space on the graph, could be used for legend or annotations

What I did

(Link to interactive version)

  • I focused my Viz on the huge sales increase in the United States versus sales everywhere else
  • I decided to use a graph of sales by year, rather than growth, as I think it’s easy to see what the trend in growth is (at least in the U.S.)
  • Used a clear (but lighthearted) title to set the tone of the viz.
  • Included a few lines underneath the title, highlighting a few numbers and emphasising the point I was trying to make
  • Made a custom colour palette of greens, in honour of St Patrick’s day

Fairly happy with this week’s effort, my only concern is that using an area graph instead of a line graph makes it look like cumulative sales, rather than sales by year.